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We present The Tradition Library. This project, active between 2009 and 2011, brought the work of the authors of the Western Predictive Tradition in the form of transcriptions of their texts (entire or in part), commentaries, historical birth data with original horoscopes where possible, and other materials. All  these texts are now available free of charge for the students of the Tradition.

All files are copyright protected and may not be reproduced anywhere or in any form without permission. All files are for personal study only and may not be distributed for any reason or in any form.

Library editions

* please note that many of the links in the PDFs are outdated!

Anima Mundi - William Lilly and the Soul of the World

A deep insight into William Lilly's world view and belief system

Gadbury's Nativity

Autobiographical information about Gadbury by himself as he judges his own nativity. By Sue Ward.

Nebulo Anglicanus

Transcription of the original pamphlet by John Partridge against John Gadbury. By Sue Ward.

The Effects of Eclipses According to the Decanates

List of aphorisms from William Lilly's Annus Tenebrosus concerning the effect of solar and lunar eclipses according to the decanates of the zodiac. Transcribed by Luís Ribeiro.

If King CHARLES should live or dye

An interesting delineation by William Lilly, extracted from Merlinus Anglicus, 1650. Transcribed by Peter Stockinger.

Useful Astrological Aphorisms for Young Students and others

William Lilly provides information which answers the little questions that we all ask at one time or another. Transcribed by Sue Ward.

Necessary Observations in the Genethliacal Part of Astrology

Another in the series of transcribed extracts of William Lilly’s lesser known works. He deals with the nativity and provides a detailed view of essential dignity and debility. By Sue Ward.

Earthquakes - from Merlinus Anglicus 1670

Transcription of the text on the eruption of Mount Etna by William Lilly.

Conjunctions according to Cardan - from Merlinus Anglicus 1680

Transcription of the William Lilly's text on the Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions according to Jerome Cardan.

William Lilly's Judgements of Famous Nativities

Extracted from a number of his published works and transcribed and annotated by Peter Stockinger and Sue Ward.

Choice Astrological Aphorisms

These aphorisms constitute, in modern terminology, a master class: essential dignities, fixed stars, eclipses, comets, angels and revelations.

William Lilly's autobiography

Transcribed and annotated by Sue Ward.

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